FAQs about GovHK Online Services

Leisure Link facilities booking and programmes enrolment services


Service Questions


Registration Issues

Q1. Do I need to do any pre-registration to use Leisure Link Internet Booking?

No pre-registration is required for using LCSD Leisure Link Internet Booking Service. You can simply use your HKID Card No. to make online facility booking / enrol leisure activities.


Q2. What is the difference between registered and non-registered LCSD Leisure Link patron?

To login to use the service, non-registered patron should enter HKID Card no. and Date of Birth while registered patron should enter Leisure Link Number and Password.

Registered patron can further make use of the personalized version to create booking profiles so as to make a booking swiftly without entering the details repeatedly and cancel confirmed bookings on internet conveniently.


Q3. How can I register as a LCSD Leisure Link patron?

For Hong Kong Residents:
Hong Kong residents must register with their Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Cards. Applicants under the age of 11 who do not have a HKID Card should register with their birth certificate number. Hong Kong residents may register online or send the completed application form (LCS 11a) with copies of identity documents by fax or by post to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre; application can also apply in person to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre for presenting their true copies of HKID Cards. For persons under the age of 18, the application has to be signified by parent or guardian.

For visitors or persons granted temporary stay in Hong Kong for a short period (Visitors):
Visitors may apply to register as Leisure Link Temporary Patron (LLTP). Their registration is valid in accordance with the permitted stay period of the visitor, or 6 months, whichever the shorter. Applicants should apply in person (Application form (LCS 11b)) at the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre on 5M/F, Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong and produce a valid photo-bearing travel document for verification. Successful applicants will be issued with a patron number and password. Registration for LLTPs by local residents using HKSAR Passports or any other passports (including the British Nationals (Overseas) Passport issued by the British Consulate-General Hong Kong will NOT be accepted.

The office hours of the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre for handling patron application are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except general holidays).
For general enquiries, you may contact LCSD through 2314 7702 during office hours or email to enquiries@lcsd.gov.hk.


Q4. If I am already a LCSD Leisure Link Patron (LLP), and am using the telephone reservation service, do I have to re-register again?

Leisure Link Patron (LLP) registered before 3 June 2014 will have to re-register before 31 Dec 2014. Otherwise, their LLP accounts will automatically lapse by the deadline and he/she has to register afresh as a LLP.


Q5. If I lost or forgot my Leisure Link number or password, what should I do to replace it?

For Leisure Link Patron (LLP) who registered after 3 June 2014, he/she can enquire online or by mail/fax:

Online: Please use online function “Forget Leisure Link Patron No. / Password” to retrieve the information (http://w2.leisurelink.lcsd.gov.hk)

By Mail/Fax: Please send the completed application form LCS67c (http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/forms_lcs67c.php) with copies of identity document to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre by post (Address: 5M/F, Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong; fax (Fax No.: 2377 4066).

For LLP who registered before 3 June 2014, please register afresh as a LLP to retrieve new LLP no. and set the new password.


Q6. Can I change the Leisure Link Number or password by myself?

Leisure Link Patron (LLP) who registered after 3 June 2014, he/she can use online function “Change Profile” (website: http://w2.leisurelink.lcsd.gov.hk/index/index.jsp) to reset password. He/She can also visit Telephone Service Centre in-person (Address : 5M/F, Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Telephone No. : 2314 7702) to reset password.

For LLP who registered before 3 June 2014, please register afresh as a LLP to retrieve new LLP no. and set the new password.


Q7. If I encounter problems when registering as LCSD patrons/Leisure Link patrons, what should I do?

Please call LCSD Leisure Link Parton Registration System Technical Support Hotline from 9:00am to 11:00pm on 2679 6822 in working days.

Or please call Leisure Link enquiry hotline from 7:00am to 9:00pm on 2314 7702 or email to enquiries@lcsd.gov.hk for enquiries.


Q8. When applying for Leisure Link Temporary Patron (LLTP) registration, can visitors or persons granted temporary stay in Hong Kong submit multiple applications by using the different passports in their possession?

Each visitor or person granted temporary stay is allowed to make only one registration. Applicants in possession of multiple passports can use only one of the valid passports in their application. All applicants are required to produce a valid photo-bearing travel document for verification and declare that they have not applied for more than one LLTP registration.


Q9. Can visitors submit applications before the expiry of the Leisure Link Temporary Patron (LLTP) registration?

The max. validity period of a LLTP registration is 6 months. Visitors or persons granted temporary stay can bring along their valid photo-bearing travel documents and submit applications in person before the validity expires, and the new registration will become effective upon the expiry of the old registration.


Q10. What is the reason to set validity period for Leisure Link Patron (LLP) account?

There are numerous of registered LLPs. In the past, most of the existing LLPs have not used the Leisure Link Services for years, the LCSD had to update and clear the information in order to reduce the system loading and streamline the operation. In this connection, under new arrangement, if neither facilities booking nor programme enrolment is made by the LLP in 3 years, the account will lapse automatically. Members of public can apply afresh as a LLP if necessary.


Service Questions

Q11. How to use LCSD Leisure Link on-line facilities booking and programmes enrolment service?

It's simple. Your HKID card no. is all you need to come to LCSD web page, enter the Leisure Link service and book leisure facilities online. After you make the payment, print the Acknowledgement Page to complete the transaction.


Q12. Can I change or cancel my booking for refund which is reserved through Internet Booking?

Under normal circumstances, application from a hirer to refund or change a confirmed booking to a different time or venue cannot be arranged. (Please refer to Q38 to 43 for cancellation of booking.)


Q13. What to do when, I use the facility or at the commence of the programme?

After completing the transaction, always remember to print the "Acknowledgement Page" and present it at the venue together with the identification document when using the facility or at the commence of the programme.


Q14. How early can I book the facilities?

The latest facility booking date is 10 calendar days at most in advance (including the booking day). For example, if today is 1 July, 2014, the latest booking date is 10 July 2014.


Q15. While this service allows users to book a facility 10 calendar days in advance, can I check the available sessions before the date ready for booking?

You can now use the "Enquire Facility Booking Situation" function of Leisure Link to preview the availability of time sessions within 11 days from today.


Q16. What are the details of the arrangement for re-booking of sessions which are reserved online but not confirmed by payment?

If hirers who have logged into the Leisure Link Internet Booking System between 7:00 am and 7:15 am to book sessions for the arena facilities in sports centres (except badminton courts) fail to complete the payment process, the relevant sessions will be posted on the Leisure Link website (www.lcsd.gov.hk) at 8:00 am and available for booking from 8:15 am on the same day through Leisure Link booking counters, the Internet, telephone or self-service kiosks on a first-come-first-served basis.


Q17. Is the “Enquire Facility Booking Situation” function providing the real time availability of timeslots?

Yes, it reflects the real time status on the availability of timeslots.


Q18. How many sessions of facilities can each person book?

Each person can book a maximum of 4 sessions during non-peak hours, while the booking quota of fee-charging facilities at peak hours for individual users to two hours per day for the same type of facility at all venues. Booking quota for individual users will apply to the same type of facility on the same day. For water sports facilities, each person can book a maximum of 6 sessions.


Q19. Can all programmes organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department be enroled via Leisure Link Internet Booking Service ?

On-line Programmes Enrolment is only applicable to fee-charging activities for individuals. It is not applicable to group activities, activities free of charge, competition, one-day event, and programmes which places are allocated by balloting.


Q20. How to check if a particular programme can be enroled via Leisure Link Internet Booking Service?

You can access the LCSD website to search for the information for a particular activity. [click here]


Q21. Do I need to have specific qualifications in order to hire water sports facilities?

(1) The applicants must at least reach 14 years old. Applicants aged 18 or above must sign the “Declaration” on the Craft Hiring Booking Form (LCS349a). Applicants aged between 14 to 17 must seek consent from their parents/guardians or persons authorised by their parents/guardians in advance and sign the “Declaration” on the Craft Hiring Booking Form or the Parents/Guardians or persons authorised by their Parents/Guardians’ Declaration.

(2) Children aged below 14 cannot be the applicants for craft hiring. Children aged between 8 to 13 can use the hired craft if they are accompanied by their parents/guardians or persons authorised by their parents/guardians on a one-to-one basis and the parents/guardians will get afloat for the same type of water sports activity with the youths and be the applicants for craft hiring.

(3) All craft users should be at least 8 years old and should sign a declaration that they are able to swim with clothes for at least 50 metres / proficient in swimming.

(4) Participants should bring along their receipts / permits and original copy of identity documents used for enrollment (Hong Kong residents should produce their Hong Kong Identity Cards (Birth Certificates / Documents of Identity for Visa Purposes also acceptable for children aged below 11). Children aged 14 or below may produce a copy of their identity documents. The original of a valid photograph-bearing student handbook / card should also be produced if their identity documents supplied do not bear a photograph. Persons without Hong Kong Identity Cards should produce their valid travel documents (such as Passports, Exit-Entry Permits for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao)), recognised qualifications and activity log books for verification by the centre staff on activity day.


Q22. I have tried a couple of times to book water sports facilities at evening sessions, but all available sessions are shown to be fully booked. Is there something wrong with the system?

As water sports facilities are normally opened for use from 9:00am to 5:00pm, there will not be any evening sessions available for booking. To check details of the opening hours, please [click here].


Q23. When will I find details of the latest LCSD leisure programes in Leisure Link Internet Booking Service?

Details of the programmes will be updated at the latter half of each month. For example, a programme commencing in August starts enrolment in July, the programme details will be available after mid June. You can use Leisure Link Internet Booking Service and perform the search function to view the programme details.


Q24. At what time can I enter to use Leisure Link to book the latest available leisure facilities and enrol the newly launched leisure programmes?

For facilities booking on the latest available date, you can start your booking at or after 7:00a.m.. For leisure programmes enrolment, you should enter the system on the first day of enrolment at or after 8:30 a.m. (Please refer to the 'Transaction Date and Time' showed on the instruction page of the application.)

To refresh the 'Transaction Date and Time' and obtain the latest information, you must re-enter this application.


Q25. The programme/facility that I want to enrol/book should be open for enrolment/booking this morning, but when I enter the system at the designated time, I still cannot find details of these programmes/facilities. Why?

You may have entered the system too early. Please click "exit application" and re-enter the system again in order to get the updated information.


Q26. Why is it that after payment failure or when I accidentally exit the application, I cannot book the facility at the same session or enrol the same programme again right after?

In case of payment process is not yet started, you can click “Reprocessing Outstanding Record(s)” to continue payment process for the unpaid booking.

However, if the payment process is started, the information you submitted earlier has not been confirmed. You may try again later.


Q27. Does the 'Places Left' shown in the Leisure Link Programmes Enrolment Service reflect the real time enrolment status for that activity?

When you select a particular programme, the system will automatically check against the real time quota left. If places are still available, you can proceed with the enrolment procedure, otherwise, message of no place left will be displayed.


Q28. I received the "You have reached the 10 min time limit to operate our system. Please close all browsers and try again. [573-E-2023]" message when using Leisure Link, why?

If the time allowed for your application session expires (i.e. 10 minutes), you will encounter the 'You have reached the 10 min time limit to operate our system. Please close all browsers and try again. [573-E-2023]' error message. You would then need to restart the whole process.


Q29. Can I check the status of my transaction after finished using Leisure Link service?

To check the transaction status, you can click to use the Transaction Status Enquiry. Simply enter your 16-digit Reference Number to start your enquiry.


Q30. How can I apply for concessionary rate when making the facility booking?

If you want to apply for concessionary rate, you can do so on the confirmation page before payment. Players may be required to produce their identification document for verification at the check-in counter before entering the facilities and during the booked session on the day of play.


Q31. If I do not have the Acknowledgement Slip with me, how can I reprint it?

You can reprint the Acknowledgement Slip for transactions done within 30 days by using the Reprint Acknowledgement Function of Leisure Link Internet Booking Services.


Q32. Under what circumstances can I apply for reallocation?

Recreation and Sports facilities will be closed on the issue of tropical cyclone signal No.8 or at the discretion of the management when, in its opinion that the facilities are unsuitable for use from safety or operation point of view. If you have used the facility for less than half of the booked hour/session under the above circumstances, you can apply for reallocation of another session at the original venue. If hirer could not choose a suitable date for reallocation within the specified period, application for refund can be made within 30 days, inclusive of the day of the original booking.


Q33. What should I do if the system is busy or the booking application is invalid?

If the system is busy or the booking application is invalid, please log out of the system and log in again after 1 minute to resubmit the application. Please do not make any payment when you encounter the above problems. No reallocation will be arranged for any invalid application. You may use the "Reprocessing Outstanding Record(s)" function within 10 minutes to continue processing any incomplete booking application.


Q34. What is the online booking arrangement for outdoor tennis courts?

After reviewing the booking and usage pattern of various leisure facilities, it has come to the notice of the LCSD that some hirers make online bookings of outdoor tennis courts under unstable weather conditions in order to obtain the 15-day reallocation opportunity. Moreover, some online bookings of tennis courts are put on hold in a dishonest manner until the last minute without confirmation by payment, resulting in the sessions being left unused. In order to allow the public to use LCSD facilities according to the principles of openness, impartiality and fairness, online booking of outdoor tennis courts will not be accepted one hour before the start of a session. (For example, the online booking procedure for a 4 p.m. session of an outdoor tennis court must be successfully completed at or before 3 p.m.) Nevertheless, on-the-spot booking service is still available at the booking counters or self-service kiosks at LCSD leisure venues.


Q35. Where can I find the information on the tennis courts that are available for on-the-spot booking?

Information of all un-booked outdoor tennis courts is shown on the online booking system. Moreover, members of the public can check out the information on the outdoor tennis courts available for booking by calling the relevant venue offices or visiting the LCSD’s website at http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/lsb/en/districts.php?ftid=42


Sessions Available for Booking resulting from Telephone Reservation Cancellation

Q36. What is the arrangement on Sessions Available for Booking resulting from Telephone Reservation Cancellation?

The Leisure Link System has been enhanced to provide new booking arrangement to improve the usage of leisure facilities. All cancelled sessions of facilities released by telephone reservation will be posted on the website of the Leisure Link Internet Booking System and will be updated at 1:00am every day. They are available for public booking from 07:30am on the same day through counter service, internet, telephone service or Self-Service Kiosk on a first-come-first-served basis.


Q37. Which leisure facilities will be included in the additional booking service?

All cancelled sessions of facilities released by telephone bookings will be included in the additional booking service. These facilities include badminton courts, tennis courts etc.


Q38. How to enquire about the arrangement of telephone reservation service?

The hotline at 2314 7702 is available between 7:00 am and 9:00pm daily for enquiries about the telephone reservation service, except for the Lunar New Year holidays.


Arrangements for Cancellation of Booking Online

Q39. What means can the public cancel the booking of leisure facilities? What are the objectives and details of the new measure?

To minimise the wastage of venue facilities by providing greater convenience for hirers to release the booked sessions they no longer need for booking by others, hirers who wish to cancel the booking of facilities are required to do so in writing, produce the original or a copy of their identity document, and return the permits to the booking counters managed by the LCSD for verification of identity. Application forms for cancellation of booking are available at all booking offices of LCSD venues or can be downloaded (click here) from the LCSD website. Besides, Leisure Link Patrons can also cancel their booked sessions online before the sessions start. After completing the online cancellation procedure, a hirer will receive an acknowledgement of the cancellation by e-mail. Nevertheless, no refund will be offered for the cancellation.


Q40. Why is the online cancellation function only available to Leisure Link Patrons?

To protect the privacy of hirers and to ensure the booked sessions will not be cancelled by any persons other than the hirers, the LCSD is obliged to verify the identity of the hirers upon the receipt of a request for cancellation. As Leisure Link Patron Number, Password, Date of Birth and Hong Kong Identity Card Number/secret question will be required for processing the online cancellation, Leisure Link Patrons are encouraged to change their Password on a regular basis to protect their accounts from unauthorised use.


Q41. Can Leisure Link Temporary Patrons make online cancellation with their Temporary Patron Number and Password?

Leisure Link Temporary Patrons can make online cancellation with their Temporary Patron Number and Password during the validity period of their accounts.


Q42. What types of leisure facilities are covered by the online cancellation function?

Leisure Link Patrons can cancel all fee-charging leisure facilities booked by them, except for holiday camps, fitness room monthly tickets and swimming pool monthly tickets.


Q43. After cancelling a booked session, can I book the same session of the same facility again? Do I need to pay for my repeated booking?

A cancelled session is immediately made available on the system for booking by the public through the four designated channels. The original hirers may book the released session of the same facility again as long as it has not been booked by others. This will be regarded as a new booking for which a fee will be charged.


Q44. Can I cancel a booking online immediately after completing the booking procedure? If not, how long will it take for the online cancellation function to be enabled?

Following the completion of the booking and payment procedures through any designated channels, a booking will be available for cancellation by Leisure Link Patrons online starting from 7 a.m. on the day following the date of payment.


Payment Problems

Q45. Can I just reserve the facility through Internet and make payment at relevant booking counter or self-service kiosks within 3 days after the reservation instead of making payment on-line?

No. The on-line booking process will only be treated as complete after successful on-line payment.


Q46. What are the payment methods accepted for on-line booking?

You can choose to pay by VISA, MASTER and PPS for online booking.

If you want to use PPS, you need to have a PPS Internet Account beforehand.


Technical Issues

Q47. Every time I access the service, the same error message appears: "Your browser may not support the unique Chinese characters defined in Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS)". Why?

This is only to remind that your browser may not support the unique Chinese characters defined in Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS). Therefore, some unique characters may not be entered, displayed or processed by the application. However, you can still press "Continue" to access the service.


Q48. When using the Leisure Link, I was prompted to install the 128-bit encryption pack. What should I do?

To protect sensitive data exchanged between your browser and the system, you must download the 128-bit encryption pack to use Leisure Link.


Q49. I have logged on the service for a few minutes only and a system error "Duplicate login detected [573-E-2024]" occurs. Why?

You have probably opened more than one browser window for accessing the same service. To ensure fairness, multiple access is not allowed.


Q50. When using Leisure Link, I encountered the "A required version of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is currently not enabled or supported by your browser." message, what should I do?

You need to install a new version of Java Virtual Machine (JVM), please [click here] for details.